Rebuilds the containers and tooling for your app. This command is great for developing, tweaking or updating your app but should be used with caution.

Be careful using this command!

Most app services allow data to persist between rebuilds but there are some services where a rebuild will result in a loss of data.


# From an app directory or its subdirectories
lando rebuild

# From outside of an app directory
lando rebuild myapp

# Non-interactive rebuild from app directory
lando rebuild --yes

# Rebuild from anywhere in info mode
lando rebuild appname -- -v

# Rebuild only the appserver and cache services
# NOTE: This will also trigger build steps for ONLY the specified services
lando rebuild -s cache -s appserver


  --services, -s    Rebuild only the specific services           [array]
  --yes, -y         Auto answer yes to prompts                           [boolean] [default: false]

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