DNS Rebinding Protection

If you are using Lando proxying, which is enabled by default, some routers and firewalls may prevent Lando from properly routing *.lndo.site addresses to your application through DNS Rebinding protection. For example the DD-WRT router firmware enables this protection by default.

If you are seeing red URLs after you start your app and you are unable to look up the url DNS rebinding protection may be the cause. You can test this out using nslookup.

nslookup <sitename>.lndo.site

If this check fails we recommend you consult your router documentation or system administrator to whitelist *.lndo.site domains.

If you can't or don't want to remove this protection, you can alternatively:

  1. Use the steps in Working Offline to bypass the external DNS lookup altogether
  2. Disable proxying and rely on the Lando produced localhost address

That said, the ideal scenario is to make sure your network is set up to not block *.lndo.site addresses.

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