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# File syncing issues

There are generally a few causes of slow or stalled file sharing. Here are some workarounds and checks you can do in each circumstance.

# 1. Has my sync stalled or failed?

A common reason for a failed sync is that the docker filesharing daemon has crashed. You can resolve the latter by restarting the docker daemon itself.

# 2. Is my app located in a shared directory?

Your app needs to live inside of a shared drive or folder. Here are the following default shared drive/folder locations:

OS Shared Drives/Folders
Windows C:\
macOS /Users, /Volumes, /tmp, /private
Linux All the folders

Note that on macOS these need to be HARD LINKS. In other words, you cannot symlink /Users to /SomethingElse and expect it to work. This is often the case if you have an external drive.

Also note that you can add additional folders and shares to Windows/macOS through the Docker GUI.