Here are some guidelines for contributing to the Lando project.

Working with Code

To work directly on Lando code you will want to install from source.

Creating Issues

ALL ISSUES for the lando should be created on the main lando project page.

Once you create an issue please follow the guidelines that are posted as the first comment on your issue.

Issue tags

Here is a list of the tags we use on our issues and what each means.

Issue tags

  • bug fix - The issue indicates a buggy feature that needs to be fixed.
  • documentation - The issue wishes to improve documentation.
  • improvement - The issue indicates improvement to an existing feature.
  • feature - The issue contains new proposed functionality.
  • task - The issue indicates a non-code related task.

Epic Guidelines

An issue should be expressed as an epic if it satisfies the following two critera

  1. A feature which is best expressed as more than one issue.
  2. Each sub-issue is shippable by itself.

Submitting Fixes

Perform all of your work in a forked branch of lando, preferably named in the convention [issue number]-some-short-desc. Please also prefix your commits with a relevant issue number if applicable ie

#314: Adding pi to list of known trancendental numbers

When you feel like your code is ready for review open a pull request against the lando repository. The pull request will auto-generate a checklist of things you need to do before your code will be considered merge-worthy.

Please always reference the main lando issue in your commit messages and pull requests using the lando/lando#issue-number syntax.

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