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# 2. Join

We recommend you join the mechanisms below.

# GitHub

GitHub serves as the mechanism for all Lando code, issue reporting/tracking and project management.

While the Lando Organization (opens new window) serves as the starting point for all Lando projects, most collaboration is going to occur in the core Lando Project (opens new window) and its issue queue (opens new window).

If you are a contributor, it is highly recommended you also install ZenHub (opens new window) to get access to a nice Kanban style board for the GitHub issues.

# Slack

Slack serves as the mechanism for Lando support and contributor coordination. You can join the Lando slack org via LaunchPass (opens new window). By default, you will be added to the #community channel which is our free and open community support channel. You can also join any of the additional channels as is appropriate below:

  • #administrators - For those who help administer and coordinate Lando
  • #bloggers - For those contributing case studies, training materials and other content to the blog
  • #evangelists - For those looking to evangelize Lando at meetups, events, camps, etc
  • #guiders - For those writing helpful Lando guides and tutorials
  • #upsellers - For those helping to help sell Lando sponsorships, support and services
  • #contributors - For those who contribute to the making of Lando
  • #social - For suggesting social content for Lando
  • #kalabox - For legacy Kalabox community support

Join some channels and say hi!

# Twitter

Twitter is our primary outreach and social channel. If you are fearless, then follow us (opens new window) and get involved in the conversation!