special sponsors

# Sponsorships

Managing Lando sponsors is perhaps the most important administrative duty. It is essential that we are timely and engaged with the kind folks who have decided to support our mission in this way.

# On and offboarding

# Adding a sponsor

The general flow for adding a new sponsor is as follows:

1. Receive Sponsorship Confirmation

You'll receive an email from one of our sponsor platforms (GitHub, Patreon or OpenCollective) when a new person sponsors the project.

2. Add sponsor to newsletter

The next step is to add the sponsor's email to the newsletter with their sponsorship level. This will enroll them in an automated workflow so they can complete their sponsorship. Specifically, it will ask them to fill out a form with the additional information we need to fulfill their sponsorship.

Currently, most new sponsors from GitHub are automatically enrolled but some are not because their emails are not discoverable. Patreon and OpenCollective sponsors are also not currently autoenrolled.

The best way to keep tabs on who has an email and gets autoenrolled is to join the API log channels in Slack.

If they are not automatically enrolled, you will need to discover their email and then manually enroll them. Information on how to do this is in our internal docs.

3. Sponsor Provides Onboarding Info

Once the sponsor completes the sponsorship onboarding form, you'll receive another email with the completed details.

4. Add Sponsor to Website (Herald Tier and Above)

You will want to use the onboarding information to add the sponsor here (opens new window). This will add the sponsor to all relevant web properties and complete the sponsorship. Note that $4 hero level sponsors do not get added. Also note that patriot or special sponsors may have unique terms so make sure you check in before adding them.

5. Send Sponsor Benefits (Herald Tier and Above)

Depending on the sponsorship level, these will vary; see the guide below:

# Removing a sponsor

  1. Navigate back to the sponsor admin portal, input the sponsors email and choose to remove them.
  2. Remove them from the list of sponsors here (opens new window).

# Announcing the sponsor

Generally, we announce our sponsors but do so differently based on the subscription level.

# $4 - heroes

We currently do nothing.

# $9 - heralds

Heralds should be given a shoutout on Twitter. If possible, you should try to batch up to five heralds in a single tweet so we are not spamming people with a constant chatter of new sponsors. We should also only tweet once a day about new heralds.

# $99 - allies

Allies should also be given a shoutout on Twitter. If possible, only one ally should be mentioned in a single tweet, however, if we have a bunch of simultaneous sponsorships, then this can be bumped to three. We should only tweet about new allies once every other day.

# $999-$1776 - partners, patriots and special

Partners, patriots and special sponsorships usually have custom announcement terms so make sure you coordinate with those sponsors on rolling out their sponsorships. Usually, the rollout consists of some combination of the following:

  • Blog posts announcing the partnership
  • A newsletter blast announcing the partnership
  • Tweets announcing the partnership

# Benefit fulfillment

# $9 - heralds

Heralds are sent a yearly swag benefit. These are generally batched and distributed once a quarter. For details on this process, contact alec@lando.dev.

You will also want to make sure that heralds are given the following:

  • Their name on the website(s)
  • A shoutout on Twitter

# $99 - allies

  • Put their logo on the website(s)
  • Give a shoutout on Twitter

# $999-$1776 - partners, patriots and special

Partners, patriots and special sponsorships usually have custom benefits. It is important that we are responsive fulfilling these benefits!

# Relationship management

Being as attentive as possible with our sponsors is our goal. Generally, sponsor requests will come in to our admin or sponsorships email accounts, however, requests can come in through Slack, Twitter or our contact form.

If you get a sponsor question and can address their needs, please do so as soon as possible. If you are unsure how to address the sponsors needs, then contact someone on the team who can!

Also be mindful you do not collide with another admin answering the same question at the same time. Two answers, particularly if different, can be more confusing than no answer!