MailHog is an email testing tool for developers.

You can easily add it to your Lando app by adding an entry to the services top-level config in your Landofile.

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Supported versions

Patch versions

This service does not support patch versions but if you really need something like that you could consider using either a custom compose service or a service overrides.


Here are the configuration options, set to the default values, for this service. If you are unsure about where this goes or what this means we highly recommend scanning the services documentation to get a good handle on how the magicks work.

Also note that the below options are in addition to the build steps and overrides that are available to every service.

    type: mailhog:v1.0.0
    portforward: false
    hogfrom: []


portforward will allow you to access this service externally by given you a port directly on your host's localhost. Note that portforward can be set to either true or a specific port but we highly recommend you set it to true unless you have pretty good knowledge of how port assignment works or you have a very compelling reason for needing a locked down port.

portforward: true will prevent inevitable port collisions and provide greater reliability and stability across Lando apps. That said, one downside of portforward: true is that Docker will assign a different port every time you restart your application. You can read more about accessing services externally over here.



    type: mailhog
    portforward: true

Not recommended

    type: mailhog
    portforward: 1025

Hogging Mail

You will need to list the services the wish to hog mail from using the hogfrom config key. Note that the services in the list should be other services in your application. They can be discovered by running lando info.

Config may differ

While we will automatically configure the underlying mail binary for any php service you choose to hogfrom you may need to consult the documentation for the specific type of service you are choosing to hogfrom.

Here is an example of a Landofile's services config that hogfroms a php service called appserver.

    type: mailhog:v1.0.0
    portforward: false
      - appserver
    type: php

Note that we will install the mhsendmail binary at /usr/local/bin/mhsendmail in each hogfrom service for you to use. Each of these services should also be able to access the MailHog STMP server using the MH_SENDMAIL_SMTP_ADDR environment variable which his set to sendmailhog:1025 by default.

Getting information

You can get connection and credential information about your mailhog instance by running lando info. It may also be worth checking out our accessing services externally guide.


If you are interested in a working example of this service that we test on every Lando build then check out

Additional Reading

Guides and Tutorials

Advanced Usage

Known Issues


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