This services is a "catch all" service to allows power users to specify custom services that are not currently one of Lando's "supported" services. Technically speaking, this service is just a way for a user to define a service directly using the Docker Compose V3 file format. THIS MEANS THAT IT IS UP TO THE USER TO DEFINE A SERVICE CORRECTLY.

This service is useful if you are:

  1. Thinking about contributing your own custom Lando service and just want to prototype something
  2. Using Docker Compose config from other projects
  3. Need a service not currently provided by Lando itself

Supported versions

  • latest


# The name of my app
name: compose

# Use the lando proxy to map to the custom service

# Configure my services

  # Create a service called "custom"

    # Use docker compose to create a custom service.
    type: compose

    # Specify the docker compose v3 services options here

      # Specify what container to run to provide the service.
      image: drupal:8

      # Required.
      # You will need to investigate the images Dockerfile to find the "entrypoint" and "command"
      # and then define the command as `ENTRYPOINT COMMAND`
      # You can also try a completely custom command but YMMV
      command: docker-php-entrypoint apache2-foreground

  # Spin up a DB to go with this
    type: mysql

You will need to rebuild your app with lando rebuild to apply the changes to this file. You can check out the full code for this example over here.

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