Pantheon is a website management platform for Drupal & WordPress that offers elastic hosting and web development tools for teams.

You can easily mimic the Pantheon environment (varnish/nginx/mariadb/redis/solr) and toolchain (drush/wp-cli/drupal/terminus) by adding the following to your app's .lando.yml.

name: myapp
recipe: pantheon

But you likely want to configure this more.

Getting Started

This documentation is geared towards configuring the .lando.yml for the pantheon recipe. If you just want to learn how to get up and running with a pantheon app check out our Getting Start With Pantheon Guide.

Example .lando.yml

# Pantheon recipe
name: pantheon

# Start with the default Pantheon recipe
recipe: pantheon

# Configure the Pantheon recipe

  # Optionally specify the type of Pantheon site this is. If ommitted this will
  # default to `drupal`. You can use the following options
  #   - `backdrop`
  #   - `drupal` (for Drupal 6 and Drupal 7 sites)
  #   - `drupal8`
  #   - `wordpress`
  framework: drupal8

  # Optionally activate xdebug
  # If you are having trouble getting xdebug to work please see:
  xdebug: true

  # Optionally specify the site id, name and environment for your Pantheon site
  # This is helpful for running terminus commands or performing similar operations
  id: 7587b3ea-95b6-44ab-b36b-6ebd9c3e9866
  site: kalabox-drupal7

  # By default the operations `lando start`, `lando restart`, and
  # `lando rebuild` run `composer install` on the app if lando detects a
  # `composer.json` in the root directory.
  # The `disableAutoComposerInstall` key allows users to disable this behavior and run
  # `composer install` when and if you choose by setting a value of true.
  # disableAutoComposerInstall: true

You will need to rebuild your app with lando rebuild to apply the changes to this file. You can check out the full code for this example over here.

Advanced Configuration

If you are looking to add additional services, tooling or proxy config check out the Custom Recipe Guide.

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