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# Lando Services

Written by: Team Lando Team Lando
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Another way you can extend Lando recipes is by adding additional services. If you need to add a second database to your app, a node container for theming, or any number of use cases you can handle them by adding the appropriate service to your app. In this example we'll add a mailhog service to our Lando 101 app!

Open up your .lando.yml configuration file in your favorite text editor. If you are following along with Lando 101 that file currently looks like this:

name: lando-101
recipe: lamp
  php: 7.4

We'll now add the services key to our .lando.yml file and add in our mailhog service:

name: lando-101
recipe: lamp
  php: 7.4
    type: mailhog:v1.0.0
    portforward: true
      - appserver

The new configuration for our mailhog service is under the services key in our .lando.yml file. The service name can be anything. We've named it mailhog after the service it provides, but you can name it anything you like. The type tells lando what service to use (what image to initially fetch and subsequently use). Then the portforward key will automatically set a port for the new service, and finally the hogfrom key is specific to the the mailhog service and tells mailhog where it should be grabbing the mail from for the Lando 101 app that is the appserver.

After adding or changing a service in our app a rebuild is required.

lando rebuild -y

After rebuilding the Lando 101 app the new mailhog service will be available to our app! You can verify that by running: docker ps and you should see a line similar to this:

00daf795ccd0        mailhog/mailhog:v1.0.0               "/lando-entrypoint.sā€¦"   25 seconds ago      Up 24 seconds       8025/tcp,>80/tcp,>1025/tcp              lando101_mailhog_1

You can see that our lando101_mailhog_1 container is up and running and ready for us to use! Some services, like the mailhog service, will need to have a URL exposed in order to make use of them. In the next section we'll demonstrate how to add a proxy URL for the mailhog service.

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