You should be able to use this guide to...

  1. Check code styling and linting
  2. Run tests
  3. Learn how to write tests

Code linting and standards

Lando implements some basic linting and code standards to make sure things remain consistent between developers and to prevent syntax errors. You can easily check whether your code matches these standards using grunt.

grunt test:code

Unit tests

The unit tests use Mocha and Chai.

grunt test:unit

Functional tests

The installer tests use the BATS framework.


If you run these tests on a machine that already has Lando installed it is most likely going to wipe away your currently installed version of Lando. For that reason please BE CAREFUL USING THIS!!!

grunt test:bats

Writing Tests

Tests reside in the test folder. For examples of unit tests look for *.spec.js files in the unit folder. For examples of functional tests look for *.bats files in the bats folder.

Looking at existing tests will give you a good idea of how to write your own, but if you're looking for more tips, we recommend:

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