Getting Started

This section of documentation serves as a guide to help people who wish to contribute code get used to how the Lando source repo works.

Forking and Installing Lando From Source

In order to help contribute code you will likely need to get Lando running from source. All subsequent documentation in this section assumes you have done this!

  1. If you are not a Lando committer with write access to the official repo start by forking the aforementioned repo
  2. Follow the install from source instructions using either the official repo or your fork.
  3. Read through the contribution section to get a sense of how things work.

Contributing Code

Lando uses a modified GitHub Flow development model. You can read more about this process in the aforementioned link but the general flow is:

  1. Choose a ticket or issue from the ZenHub board of the project you are working on.
  2. Open a new branch from master in the form ISSUENUMBER-BRIEFDESCRIPTION to work on that issue
  3. Add commits to this branch with message form #ISSUENUMBER: COMMIT DESCRIPTION
  4. Push the git push {REMOTE} {ISSUENUMBER-BRIEFDESCRIPTION} when work is complete
  5. Open a pull request

Before opening a PR its a good idea to

  • Run tests locally
  • Pull in the latest code from master with git pull origin master
  • Make sure you have looked at the PR checklist


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