Contains functions to help find and load plugins.

Since: 3.0.0

// Get the plugins from the global config and try to load them
return lando.config.plugins

// Load each plugin
.map(function(plugin) {
  return lando.plugins.load(plugin);

plugins.load(plugin, [dirs]) ⇒ Promise

Loads a plugin.

See below for the default directories that are scanned. For each directory scanned plugins can live in either the plugins or node_modules subdirectories

Kind: static method of plugins
Returns: Promise - A Promise.
Since: 3.0.0

Param Type Default Description
plugin String The name of the plugin
[dirs] Array [config.srcRoot, config.sysConfRoot, config.userConfRoot] Additional directories to scan for the plugin.


// Load the plugin called 'shield-generator' and additionally scan `/tmp` for the plugin
return lando.plugins.load('shield-generator', ['/tmp']);

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