special sponsors

# Finding New Sponsors

The Lando revolution relies upon new converts. You've probably already told some of your co-workers and friends to try Lando. Maybe you've written some guides and sponsored Lando yourself. What's the next step? Getting someone else to sponsor Lando!

Chances are you know another individual or a business that would be willing to sponsor Lando. All they need is someone they trust (read: YOU) to tell them about it. Do you know any of the following people who might be interested in sponsoring?

# Why Should Your Organization Sponsor Lando?

If you and your team are saving development time using Lando, your organization is already receiving dividends from the bank of Lando. Instead of each developer on your team paying part of their paycheck to sponsor, shouldn't your organization invest back to make sure the Lando royalties keep getting dished out?

Asking your boss to sponsor Lando might seem tough. Why should they pay for something they're already getting for free? There are many reasons and we've prepared them all in the easily distributable blog content below:

# They're Ready to Sponsor. Now What?

Most organizations will want to sponsor directly through our Github sponsors page (opens new window). If Lando saves your organization at least a couple hours each month, we highly encourage you making a recurring contribution, but for one-time contributions Open Collective (opens new window) can be more convenient.

To take full advantage of sponsorship benefits your organization will want to reach out to sponsorships@lando.dev. Checkout the guide on sponsorships for more details on benefits and how sponsors can take advantage of them.