special sponsors


Some answers to some of our most frequent questions about sponsorship are shown below:

# When will I show up on the website, Twitter, etc?

We usually batch update our list of sponsors (opens new window) and Twitter queue at least once a week so you should expect to see yourself or your org on the website within a week. Twitter can be a different story and depends on the queue. If there are a lot of sponsors in front of you, you might have to wait up to a month to get your shoutout.

An exception to the above rule is if you have sponsored at one of our higher tiers and we've provided custom marketing benefits. However, in this case, you will be directly in touch with one of our team members to coordinate the rollout.

If you feel like the above has not happened correctly and something is wrong, please reach out to us at sponsorships@lando.dev so we can make it right.

# When can I expect my swag?

Due to the time and administrative overhead, we usually send swag out once a quarter. So, if it's been three months or more, reach out to us at sponsorships@lando.dev so we can make it right.

# I want to sponsor, but can I get different benefits?


Our highest two tiers are fairly customizable based around your needs. If you would like to put together custom sponsorship terms, then contact us (opens new window) and let us know what you are looking for. Our team will get in touch with you shortly and try to figure out something that works for all.

# How do I cancel a sponsorship?

We rely on third party sponsorship platforms to manage your sponsorship so you will want to terminate your sponsorship with them! For convenience, the relevant docs on how to do so for each of the platforms we support are shown below:

# How can I convince my boss or org to sponsor?

We have some ideas for that over here!