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# Model

Lando is led by a benevolent dictator and committee of maintainers and managed by the community.

That is, the community actively contributes to the day-to-day maintenance of the project, but the general strategic line is drawn by the maintainers. In case of disagreement, the benevolent dictator has the last word. It is the benevolent dictator’s job to resolve disputes within the community and to ensure that the project is able to progress in a coordinated way.

In turn, it is the community’s job to guide the decisions of the benevolent dictator through active engagement and contribution.

Governance of the project is simple and straightforward as listed below:

  • Maintainers make consensus driven decisions about the project.
  • The Benevolent Dictator has the final say on all decisions but generally only exercises this power on an as-needed basis; most usually when the maintainers cannot reach consensus.