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# Social Advocacy

Social advocacy, perhaps better known as "positive trolling" is a great way for a small project with passionate users to multiply their reach with some simple coordination.

Our goal here is to locate places on the interwebs where we can introduce people to Lando and to then share these places with other evangelists so they can echo said recommendations and provide strength in numbers.

We also want to point out there is a pretty blurry line between flooding a medium with noise and providing a positive, backed-by-many-users recommendation about a great tool. PLEASE DO THE LATTER.

An example of the intended flow is shown below:

  1. Evangelist notices a blog post called Best Dev Tools of The Year that omits Lando.
  2. Evangelist drops a comment with an intro and recommendation to use Lando.
  3. Evangelist hollas at the #social or #evangelists channels in the Lando slack (opens new window) about the post with a call to action like "Hey all! Can you believe Lando isn't mentioned here? Can a few of you lend your voice?"
  4. The word is spread.

Some other obvious places rife with outreach opportunity are below:

  • Onboarding documentation for a particular framework e.g. WordPress.
  • Tweets or other social threads asking for local dev and dev tool recommendations.
  • Hosting provider documentation that omits Lando.
  • Blog content discussing dev tooling.

If you are interested in helping, make sure you join our Slack org (opens new window) and check out the #social and/or #evangelists channels.