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# Presenting

The most obvious and straightforward way to evangelize is to present about Lando or Lando-adjacent things at a meetup, camp, conference, training or other gathering.

Some helpful steps to get you started are shown below:

# Finding an event

We recommend getting in touch with local event organizers to help you get started. It's also a good idea to join our Slack org (opens new window) and check out the #community and/or #evangelists channels. There is likely another Lando evangelist who can help you out.

Some well known places to get you started are below:

# Submitting a session, proposal or deck

Once you've found an event, the next step is usually to submit a session/proposal and/or start creating the content for your presentation, talk or training.

While you certainly can create content from scratch, we recommend you request access to this Google Folder (opens new window) as it contains a large cache of previously submitted sessions, proposals, slide decks and training materials. It's highly likely you can fork or adapt some of these as a starting point.

We also highly encourage you to contribute your finished presentation materials back to the same Google folder. This both aids future evangelists and also serves as a record for posterity.

Before crafting your content, definitely check out the talking points so you hit on all the Lando goodness. If you want to see Lando keep winning, please insert a slide reminding people to sponsor Lando!