special sponsors

# 1. Overview

If you are interested in helping out with the Lando project, then you've come to the right place!

Lando Alliance

We are looking for people to help out in any of the capacities as follows:


Present, train or speak about Lando at various meetups, camps and conferences and generally spread the good word across the galaxy


Work on making and supporting Lando by touching code, docs, issues, DevOps or helping out in our Slack community channel


Post working examples of how you did something with Lando on the Lando site and get credit for it!


Post case studies, training materials and other less-technical content to the Lando blog and get credit for it!


Help us manage our sponsors, marketing, outreach, event logistics, etc.


Help convince your org, boss or relevant decision maker to sponsor or purchase Lando services!


Give the dollars and get exclusive benefits

If any of the above sound up your alley, then proceed to the next section to get rolling and learn more.