Build Steps

One of the great features of Lando is its ability to destroy a single planet... we mean add additional dependencies or build steps to your app without the hassle of having to build or manage your own Dockerfiles.

When should I use build steps?

If you need additional on server dependencies like php extensions or node modules then sounds like a build step may be for you. Note that these steps will ONLY RUN THE FIRST TIME YOU SPIN UP YOUR APP. That means that if you change them you will need to run lando rebuild for them to re-run. If you have automation you want to run EVERY TIME you may want to consider using events.

Please note that these steps must make sense within the context of the container you are running them in. For example, you will not be able to run dnf inside of a debian flavored container.

Steps that run BEFORE my app starts

Most build steps need to run BEFORE your app actually boots up so that your app has the dependencies it needs to actually function properly. Good examples of this are node_modules, apt packages, and php extensions. You can do this with both the install_dependencies_as_root and install_dependencies_as_me keys. Please take caution to only use install_dependencies_as_root when needed.

Here is an example that installs the memcached php extension (which we ship with by default but is used below for illustration) before our appserver boots up and also installs node_modules on the node container.

Where do these run?

All commands run from /app (that is where your application code lives) by default. If you wish to change to a different directory consider doing something like cd /mydir && some command

    type: php:7.1
      - apt-get update -y && apt-get install -y libmemcached-dev
      - pecl install memcached
      - docker-php-ext-enable memcached
    type: node:10
      - yarn

Note the usage of root on one and not the other. Also note that each command is run in a separate shell so if you have two commands and the second depends on the first you'll want to concatenate them together into a single command with &&.

Steps that run AFTER my app starts

While it is likely that you will want to install dependencies before your app starts can also run steps AFTER your app has started up using the run and run_as_root keys.

    type: php:7.1
      - bash /app/scripts/
      - echo "   my.custom.domain" >> /etc/hosts

Need more power?

If you find your .lando.yml is getting too fat or your build time too long, we highly recommend you check out our advanced config for some pretty nasty build power tools.

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