lando.updates.updateAvailable(version1, version2) ⇒ Boolean

Compares two versions and determines if an update is available or not

Since: 3.0.0

Param Type Description
version1 String The current version.
version2 String The potential update version

Returns: Boolean - Whether an update is avaiable.

// Does our current version need to be updated?
const updateAvailable = lando.updates.updateAvailable('1.0.0', '1.0.1');

lando.updates.fetch(data) ⇒ Boolean

Determines whether we need to fetch updatest or not

Since: 3.0.0

Param Type Description
data Object Cached update data

Returns: Boolean - Whether we need to ping GitHub for new data or not

lando.updates.refresh(version) ⇒ Object

Get latest version info from github

Since: 3.0.0

Param Type Description
version String Lando version to use as a fallback

Returns: Object - Update data

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